Messages contain a ton of individual data. If in case some other stranger gets access to your AOL mail and uses it to take your data then it implies that your email account is hacked. There is an assortment of caution signs that let you know whether your email account has been hacked or not.


Cautioning indications of hacked AOL account

  • Cautioning messages like “Unwanted activity on this account has been recognized.”
  • People are receiving emails that weren’t sent by you
  • Your inbox is loaded with spam
  • Trouble in singing into the email account
  • A fizzled attempt while hacking your account
  • Altered contact list
  • Inbox is not receiving any new emails


If you see any of these activities at that point there is a decent chance that your email account has been hacked. The most ideal approach to manage a hacked AOL email account is to instantly change the password. Contact the AOL Customer Services Recovery Helpline immediately when you feel that your record is hacked